Overview of PACA
The PACA Web Guide

The PACA Web Guide

For anyone in the produce business, it is essential to be familiar with PACA (Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act), the federal law regulating the produce industry. The PACA Web Guide provides an easy-to-understand description of the parts of PACA, and how they work.

The Web Guide is written in non-legal language, and is searchable to obtain general information about PACA, or about a particular PACA issue. However, problems under the PACA often need further clarification from PACA officials or an attorney. The WebGuide is not legal advice. Instead, it provides a basic understanding of each area of PACA to decide on the best course of action, and if further help is needed.

The complete Web Guide is online at http://www.pacawebguide.com and contains information on the following areas:

PACA: information about PACA law, the PACA Division and produce industry websites.
Licensing: who needs a license, obtaining a license, license renewals and license fees.
Prohibited Conduct: unfair trade practices under PACA and enforcement proceedings by the PACA Division when companies are charged with violating PACA.
The Trust: a full explanation of how the PACA trust works to obtain payment of undisputed debts.
Disputes: resolving produce disputes in the PACA division or the DRC.
Contracts: explaining unique and recurring produce contract issues.
Terms: a quick reference guide to the meaning of different produce sale terms.

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